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Been in IM game for 10+ years - Never on forums that much...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BuddyQ, Nov 10, 2020.

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    Hi everyone ( :

    I've been around for 10+ years.
    For some reason never been active on forums, not sure why exactly.
    Anyway, I will start being active.
    My main reason for being here is, I want to share my knowledge as I've done that whole my life.
    2nd part is, I was looking around where I could start selling what I can offer (no, don't worry, I know the rules, I'm not a newbie :p I am not going to sell until I get my ass Premium Membership), still need to read about the rules and when I'm able to do that, after how much posts/days, etc, I am qualified for PM.

    Anyway, I've been dealing with a lot of things, going up and down through my IM journey, starting from nothing and building damn imperia then losing it all, but got back successfully once again after dealing with damn depression for some time, it's dark out there, never go there!
    I was making mistakes in my past, especially mistakes with "money" as I didn't know how to work with money.
    It's funny cause, once you get to that level and start making 6 figures you think how "that's it"!
    I made it - I am successful - And then reality kick your ass and you lose everything!

    I know it's easier to just say it, but... It's really important to get your lesson from EVERYTHING and just move forward!

    Lately I've been doing ok with SEO stuff, PBNs, expired articles, paid $2.000 to get it done for me with some "special features" (no, I will never sell this).
    Damn Google is making hard with all this updates for brothers looking to feed their families!

    Anyway, feel free to ask whatever you want and I will answer on your question ( :
    BuddyQ, Nov 10, 2020 IP
  2. Digibyte

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    Same here but it seems people are not that active now compared to before. I remember posts having several replies as soon as a thread is submitted. But it maybe the change of times. Remember when there was no facebook? and everyone was networking on forumns?
    Digibyte, Nov 21, 2020 IP