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Become An Affiliate Of A Unique Stock Trading Course: Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by beatstockpromoters, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Penny Stocks
    Behind The Scenes:

    Beat The Promoters At Their
    Own Game & Profit


    I am seeking affiliates that are interested in making a lot of money. Penny Stocks Behind The Scenes: Beat The Promoters At Their Own game & Profit, is a penny stock trading course that I offer and I recently setup an affiliate program.

    I am offering a 50% commission of the selling price of $49.95 to affiliates that join my top affiliate program. I have a fairly detailed affiliate page that you can check out for more information. I have tried to include many components to make my affiliates lives as easy as possible. My sales have been awesome and I think they can get even better with your help. I have had a very high conversion rate so far and I have only had one return after hundreds of sales! Learn more about my affiliate program


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