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Be careful! Aliexpress Portals is scamming its affiliates!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fujitsu, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Hello dear forum users, this post was created to warn and inform you about our bad experience with Aliexpress Portals (an affiliate program of Alibaba Group) that scammed us on ~2000 USD.
    Our cooperation started at the beginning of June and it was really promising. We ran much traffic from our sites and got hundreds of completed orders daily that brought us solid commissions. Bellow you can see the screenshots from our income reports for June, July and August.

    https://prnt.sc/ksppui - June
    https://prnt.sc/kspqqd - July
    https://prnt.sc/ksprat -August
    https://prnt.sc/kspryj - And here is the profit report for the whole period of cooperation
    As you might mentioned on the screenshots above, our account balance equals zero whilst all reports show completely other sums

    Previously, at the beginning of June the account balance showed exactly the same numbers as reports did, but something went wrong and it turned zero. For this reason we are unable to withdraw a dime of all we had earned for the whole period. Our personal manager ,Grace Tai, doesn’t reply since we informed her concerning this issue, the Aliexpress Portals support doesn’t reply too.

    In the middle of coop we got message from our account manager that said we should stop running traffic so that they could check its quality (the CR ratio was low at first). They suspended our account for nearly month and a half and after that our manager replied the following:


    We also sent our manager some heavy archives with clicklogs that proved our traffic to be alive, but that changed nothing indeed.

    To avoid further questions I’m giving you additional info:
    1) We didn’t run fraud traffic (popunder too)
    2) No one else had an access to our account
    3) The withdrawal history is absolutely empty
    4) We didn’t violate Affiliate program rules.

    Now it's up to you to decide whether to work with them or not. Good luck and less scams on your way guys!

    #affiliateprogram #aliexpress #portals #scams
    Fujitsu, Sep 20, 2018 IP