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Be aware of www.date-connected.com

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by iimpact, Oct 22, 2012.

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    [10:45:59] Matt: Hi jake.dean1987! I’d like to add you on Skype. Matt
    [10:46:16] Matt: hi Jake, my user name is
    [10:46:44] Matt: i sent you some traffic today but it seems it cannot convert
    [10:46:52] Matt: several people reported me that the have signed
    [10:47:09] Matt: for example username thomasgillette48
    [10:47:13] Matt: but i got no credit for it
    [10:47:21] Matt: could you please check this for me
    [16:43:00] jake dean: jake dean has shared contact details with Matt.
    [16:46:55] jake dean: hey matt
    i looked into your account
    where you're a new affiliate your account is set to $60 PPS.
    it will remain at this untill we review the quality of traffic you send us and provide us with a bit more information your histroy with promoting dating.
    [16:46:57] jake dean: thanks
    [18:23:48] Matt: hey, thnx but you don't have to bother i'll stop sending the traffic
    [18:24:09] jake dean: ok cool no worries
    [18:24:32] Matt: cya :)
    [18:25:50] Matt: oh yeah will post this to BHW, warriors forum, digital point etc, please have to know about this :)
    [18:26:32] jake dean: huh!?
    [18:27:24] Matt: people have to know that you're offering no 5$ sales in the beginnig, i sent traffic to nowhere
    [18:27:32] Matt: people reply to me that they have signed
    [18:27:38] Matt: but i get no commision
    [18:27:41] Matt: this is scammy
    [18:28:32] jake dean: you sent 2 leads. its not scammy. im a bit unsure to why you didnt hit me up before you sent traffic to advise.
    [18:29:09] jake dean: also you shouldnt have friends sign up under your link.
    [18:29:14] jake dean: thats fraud!
    [18:29:23] Matt: so i sent my friend to sign?
    [18:29:28] Matt: is this what you're telling me?
    [18:29:47] Matt: man you're going to forums this is for sure, and you'll lose people because of this 10 $
    [18:29:51] Matt: you stolen from me
    [18:29:57] Matt: this is not a way to do business
    [18:30:14] Matt: i could have sent you a lot of traffic
    [18:30:27] Matt: but there are other sponsors i'll replace you with
    [18:30:29] Matt: enjoy man
    [18:31:56] jake dean: your on PPS not PPL thats why you didnt see the leads. also who said you would be at $5 PPL?
    [18:32:29] jake dean: thanks all the best
    [18:40:12] Matt: this is what i read on your site
    [18:40:24] Matt: when i go to programs i see 5 $ leads
    [18:40:42] Matt: there is no indication that you're scammer anywhere on the site
    [18:40:47] Matt: so i found out this way
    [18:40:55] Matt: 10 $ will cost you thousands
    [18:41:00] Matt: trust me :)
    [18:41:41] Matt: and if you're only Aff m. i'll try to get to your boss with this as well
    [18:42:03] jake dean: can you be more specific to where it states '$5'
    [18:42:25] Matt: http://www.date-connected.com/programs
    [18:42:39] Matt: i got 0$ per lead
    [18:44:59] jake dean: ppl is approval only
    [18:45:13] jake dean: like i said you should of contacted me
    [18:45:15] Matt: yeah well i don't see this written
    [18:45:17] Matt: anywhere
    [18:45:32] jake dean: it says on the programm screen
    [18:45:52] Matt: http://www.date-connected.com/programs here?
    [18:46:30] jake dean: yeah on the programme page
    [18:46:37] Matt: yeah well i must be blind then
    [18:46:53] Matt: because it says nothing there
    [18:47:06] Matt: im into online business for 9 years
    [18:47:12] Matt: you can see my leads are legit
    [18:47:19] Matt: you can see where they come from
    [18:47:26] Matt: but you're simply a scammer
    [18:48:12] Matt: and the more you write the more will people see
    [18:48:22] Matt: like this lie
    [18:48:23] Matt: [18:45:32] jake dean: it says on the programm screen
    [18:45:52] Matt: http://www.date-connected.com/programs here?
    [18:46:30] jake dean: yeah on the programme page
    [18:49:59] Matt: anyway i gave you an opportunity to discuss about this on the WM boards by telling you i'll post there so we'll talk there again
    [18:50:06] Matt: looking foward to it :)
    iimpact, Oct 22, 2012 IP