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Basic problems with asp

Discussion in 'C#' started by NewGuy, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Hi all!

    Im very new to all this so I just have some basic questions. Im trying to create a guestbook in my site and as I understand you need asp to do this?
    Anyway, as im still learning im just typing in easy codes till i get a grip over how its done. So my problem now is that i have typed in a asp code, such as <% date %> or anythingelse for that matter, and im using frontpage since its the easiest way to create a page for me, and i save the page as an .asp page but when trying trying to view the page noting is shown. I guess i need to update some stuff in my computer although i have not a clue what to update?
    Also i have read on some pages that asp.net is better then asp, but im only going to use asp fpr basic stuff, would you still recommend asp.net?
    if anyone could help me with this as soon as possible i would be very grateful.
    The New Guy:)
    NewGuy, Aug 8, 2006 IP
  2. Free Born John

    Free Born John Guest

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    if your pages contain asp code they have to be served up by a web server, i.e. IIS. On your home machine configure your site as the default website in IIS ( all you probably have to set is the home directory) and then go to http://localhost in your browser.

    Then search the web for a guestbook script.

    have fun

    Free Born John, Aug 9, 2006 IP
  3. vectorgraphx

    vectorgraphx Guest

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    just putting <% date %> won't display anything. you'll need to use the response.write method in order to get anything to display in the browser. you can do this two ways:

    <% response.write date %> is the standard form, or you can use the shorthand:

    <%= date %>

    slap that into a page and display it in your browser and you should see the date if your host has asp enabled. if not, then you might need to talk to your host. if it's frontpage extensions for linux, you may or may not be able to get asp, as asp on linux is expensive for your host and therefore availability of asp functionality is intermittent at best, but if your host is a windows environment - there's no reason why they shouldn't have asp turned on.

    if you're just now starting to learn programming (and it sounds like you are) you might consider learning asp.net 2.0 instead, or even php. Classic ASP is becoming somewhat of a legacy language, though there are many many programmers (myself included) that use Classic ASP every day with no problems whatsoever.

    hope that helps

    (post 499.... so close to 500 i can almost smell it) :D
    vectorgraphx, Aug 9, 2006 IP