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Selling Banner ads on PC Gaming Forum (Sitewide, cheap!)

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by mikeid22, Sep 27, 2016.

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    This gaming forum isn't for work/my job, it's a hobby and all income from it will go back into the hardware for the gaming server that we run and growing the forums.

    That's right - it's a small ish site now, BUT all money from banner ads will be going into the game servers. More plays = more forum members = more ad views!

    No Google Analytics on the site, but I've just added it today, so if you'd rather wait to see what that shows, all good.

    The forums stats are here: http://www.petuniaserver.com/forums/stats/

    We're going to be promoting the forum quite a bit to our members (330+ gamers on our mailing list - not strangers either, these are genuine gamers too... folks who have joined the forum and many play on our game servers).


    As we're not drawing a profit from this at all, we're putting it into game server hardware, then using that to host more games & get more members.

    So - Your banner ads = revenue for us, which = us hosting more games and so more forum members!
    In short, your banner ads will, in the mid to long term, end up with more forum members & more banner views.

    AND we won't be putting prices of banner ads up once traffic increases... For those who get in now.

    So Imagine:

    - All banner ad profits go into getting more gameserver players & forum members
    - Traffic will grow, no profit for us (this is NOT a business, it's a hobby, payments will be paypal to the gamerserver's paypal address)
    - As traffic increases, banner price WILL increase (and funds go back into hardware), BUT prices will be locked-in at just $10 a month for anyone who's already got a banner ad (I.E. NO PRICE INCREASES for existing banner ad holders).

    Banner ad slots & pricing:

    We'll be adding the following banner ads:

    - Top of page
    - Bottom of page

    We may add below-post ads in the future, so let me know if you're interested in this.

    PRICES: $10 a month.
    Max ads shown: 15 in rotation in each slot.

    If you're not interested (I realise it's a small site) then no problem - No offence taken (though in a few weeks when traffic increases and prices increase for new advertising slots, please don't ask for this price, as it won't be available... We want to reward those who get in early).

    If you are interested, reply here or PM me.

    Ps. As an added bonus, the first 10 folks who buy will be mentioned in our next monthly mailout to gameserver members, with a direct link to your site in the email! :)


    NO Adult, NO Gambling, NO Spam, NO dodgy scams. We're a genuine gaming community and we do give a shit about our members, so anything 'smells bad', it will be rejected ;)
    mikeid22, Sep 27, 2016 IP
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    $10 seems a little much for a small site like yours , Can you do it any cheaper?
    SKULL, Mar 1, 2017 IP