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Selling Banner Ads [11k Alexa]

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by RectangleMan, Sep 10, 2009.


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    What's being offered?
    125x125 ad positioned front page right column
    180x150 ad positioned front page right column

    What's the price?
    $1 for 125x125 per day per ad
    $1.50 for 180x150 per day per ad

    Are the ads rotated?
    No...I am selling a max of 5 static ads in this position. They will not rotate.

    What's the url?

    Does the site have any legal problems?
    None at all. All members are over 13, no adult images are allowed, we do not host any illegal files on the site. Members discusss internet and computer security. All discussions on bank or identity fraud are deleted. We are hosted in USA and the host is fully aware of us. We will not be shut down. We have been in operation since April 2007.

    What are good sites to advertise?
    I would suggest money making sites. Proxies are also very strong for the user base. The HF video game sections are popular. There is an active graphics section. Social networking site tools could do well. Please review the site to see if it's a good fit.

    How popular is the site?
    It's #1 in the category of hacking and ranks currently as 11k Alexa. There are no sites even close to the activity of this site. HF ranks #1 for a huge variety of keywords. Bounce rate is about 36% with a new visitor rate of 50%. This means that many ads are clicked by first time visitors. Site now has nearly 1.3 million posts with about 8000 new posts daily. Analytics linked below.

    Past 30 Days Google Analytics PDF

    What's CTR for this placement?
    I have traditionally run Adbrite with a CTR of about .05-.1 percent which is industry average for between posts. Unfortunately I don't rotate the ads often and over time CTR suffers. New ads usually spark a higher CTR thus I am offering at reasonable rates hoping to give a steady rotation of advertisers to my members.

    Are all the members legit
    We have over 76,000 members all are email verified. I delete monthly all accounts that do not get activated. We have a large percentage of users with more than 10 posts. The activity on the site is great.

    What's the max I can buy an ad position?
    I will allow 3 months maximum. The site is growing too fast and I don't want to undersell it's value. Current growth rate is 10-30% month over month. Buying 3 months will be an incredible value.

    If I buy for 3 months can I change the ads a few times?
    I would allow a banner swap once per month. Unless of course you only buy shorter time periods and want to renew with a new ad. But I am flexible as long as you don't go ape with changes.

    What forms of payment can you accept?
    Paypal, Moneybookers, or Alertpay

    Will you post the ad before payment?
    Yes but I expect payment within 2 hours of placement. If I do not recieve payment I will leave negative iTrader feedback.

    Any other questions?
    RectangleMan, Sep 10, 2009 IP
  2. freecbc3

    freecbc3 Peon

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    hacker forum ??
    any info or screen for stats ? ?
    freecbc3, Sep 11, 2009 IP
  3. RectangleMan

    RectangleMan Well-Known Member

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    You must have misssed the link to the Analytics PDF in the post.
    RectangleMan, Sep 11, 2009 IP
  4. zalim_prince

    zalim_prince Peon

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    I am Interested But First i will Need a Banner of My website to be Made ... Will Contact you as soon as The Banner is Made
    zalim_prince, Sep 11, 2009 IP