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Selling Backlink Service - Help Your Sites Rank Better in Google for Only $27.50

Discussion in 'Services' started by TermsB, Jan 16, 2010.

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    As usual I am going to attempt to keep this as simple as I can. One of the first things you learn about SEO is how much proper backlink work can improve your search rankings. There are many ways to achieve this but I am sure that if you have tried writting articles or directory submissions you probably have came to realize that your time was more valuable than the results you received. With most article and directory submission sites you generally have a wait anywhere from a couple days to a few months for your links to be approved, this obviously is not ideal.

    Today I come to you with a solution. Some of you have heard of Angelas and Pauls link packets, these are Web 2.0 Properties that allow you to instantly place a DoFollow link on your profile or page after signing up to the given sites. Sounds good right? It would be except both Angela and Pauls links have gained so much popularity that the sites listed in the packets commonly start to delete or moderate these links. Another downside of doing this manually is that it would take you many hours, keeping in mind you still risk them being taken down by the sites moderators when they notice the large influx of profiles only being created with the intention of placing a backlink.

    What our solution offers:

    • We use our own fresh unique DoFollow Web 2.0 Property Sites that have not been abused from Pauls/Angelas Packets
    • We do the hard work of creating the profiles and adding your links
    • We make sure the links are active upon creation.
    • We give you a report containing the URLs of all your new backlinks
    • We provide you the email address used to register the accounts with, giving you full control over your links
    • And most importantly to us we provide you a high satisfaction service. A pleased customer is a return customer.

    Package Prices:
    • 100 PR1-3 Profiles Backlinks - $35 - 35 Cents Each
    • 50 PR4+ Profiles Backlinks - $27.50 - 55 Cents Each

    PR4+ Packages have an average PR of roughly 5. All sites will be PR4 or higher ranging up to PR7 in most cases.

    How to Order:

    To order go to LynxLinks.com and pick which package you'd like. Payment will be via Paypal.

    Once your payment is submitted you'll be directed to submit the details of your order.

    Common Questions:

    Q: What makes LynxLinks.com different than the others?
    A: We strive for offering our customers high quality rather than just cheap priced junk. We'd rather create a return customer than make a quick buck.

    Q: Will this service help my Google rankings?
    A: The simple answer is yes. Although we cannot promise you first result for your keyword, as there are many other factors that may come into play with your niche.

    Q: Will these sites be pinged?
    A: We will not ping them as some people may choose to not have their sites pinged, and we want to remain flexable. However there is a rather good mass ping tool availble to use free of cost at PingDevice.com.

    Q: Will Google penalize me?
    A: Google will not penalize your site for this service. The only way Google might penalize your site is if you were to order a very large package and than ping all the URLs in one day. This can be prevented by pinging 50-100 or so sites a day. If your site is established in most all cases this would be a non-issue anyways.

    Q: Do you allow adult sites?
    A: We do not allow Porn, Pharma, Pay Per Install or anything harmful to minors or any other possibly objectionable content. Feel free to PM me if you have a question about if your site is acceptable.

    Q: Do the profiles get indexed by Google?
    A: Yes, it is very common for the profiles to get indexed by Google. In fact many of the profiles will be indexed within minutes.

    Q: How often do you update your lists?
    A: We update them as often as our customers need. Each package is labeled on LynxLinks.com to prevent you from ordering the same links twice. If you are interested in large packages or multiple transactions with us, feel free to contact us and we'll let you know more.

    Q: Are each of the links I order done on a different site?
    A: Of course, each backlink will be from a unique site.

    Q: My question isn't answered here, what do I do?
    A: Post it here or PM me. We are more than happy to help.
    TermsB, Jan 16, 2010 IP
  2. Ox2009

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    Do U offer review copy?
    Ox2009, Jan 17, 2010 IP
  3. TermsB

    TermsB Peon

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    No sorry. The service is exactly as described. It's a widely known fact that people asking for free things is just that.. People wanting free stuff.
    TermsB, Jan 17, 2010 IP