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Back-End Web Developers

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Satchii, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Hi everyone!

    :) So I just finished learning about HTML and CSS from near scratch and I feel great!

    I've gotten a lot of good answers from a previous thread I made about PHP and it continues to grow my hunger for back-end web development!

    I hope I'm not imposing or sounding like a know-how but this is a thread mostly for back-end web developers (no offense).

    As a back-end web developer must you know every single type of language out there for the web or can you live off of just the bare essentials to get you by?
    I know that having the knowledge and being fairly good at every language will benefit you in creating a site but are there any good base languages that are essential for well rounded starters like myself? And what languages are there for web development anyway?

    From what I have learned so far:
    HTML, CSS <-- Not sure if that is a language (seems more for styling in my opinion)

    From what I know so far:
    Java, Javascript <-- Not sure if Java and Javascript are the same? (someone enlighten me)

    Not sure if C and C++ would fit into web-development.. dont know much about python or perl either..
    Satchii, Jul 9, 2011 IP
  2. xira

    xira Active Member

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    HTML is not a programming language, it is a MARK UP language (derived from a much more complicated mark up language called SGML.)
    CSS is also not a programming language, but a variation of a scripting language that defines styles.
    Javascript is also not a programming language, but a scripting language.
    C++, Java, AS3.0, etc. ARE Object Orients Programming Languages.

    The main differences between all of them are, mark up and scripting languages you can pretty much figure out quickly on your own. Where as Object Oriented Programming usually requires at least a year of schooling and to become proficient you need to get a computer science degree (4 or more years of learning.)
    xira, Jul 10, 2011 IP
  3. sanchyclub

    sanchyclub Well-Known Member

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    I'm totally agree with xira.

    I'm a software Eng. and web developer. I know very well c, c++, java, core java, visual basic, sql server etc to develop a software (front-end and back-end)

    and I'm also specialist on web development by using xhtml/css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql etc,

    now I'm answering you questions shortly...

    1. CSS mean Cascading Style Sheet. and it is usable to design a website.
    2. Java and javascript are not same! totally different, you can use js to develop a website.
    3. c, c++ etc are not usable to develop a website. you can use them to make games or anything else.

    sanchyclub, Jul 10, 2011 IP
  4. bli_wedhooz

    bli_wedhooz Peon

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    one of the popular languange for web development right now is PHP, but you also could use another languange like java or python. I suggest you to begin with PHP.
    PS: Java is java, its not the same with javascript.
    bli_wedhooz, Jul 11, 2011 IP
  5. probo1

    probo1 Banned

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    jquery is getting even more popular these day. believe me, we ran web development company and find users attracted to web 2.0. you should start to learn this from now..
    probo1, Jul 11, 2011 IP
  6. Stomme poes

    Stomme poes Peon

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    There is no technical difference between a "scripting" language and a "programming" language. Javascript is a full, Turing-complete programming language. Javascript can be written procedurally, object-oriented, or even functionally.

    What it isn't is compiled, except now browsers are already breaking that rule with JIT Javascript compilers (which I assume turn Javascript into executable byte-code the way other interpreted languages like Perl and Python do when they are "compiled").

    jQuery is not a (separate) programming language. It's a Javascript library. Basically, a bunch of pre-written Javascript functions that people can plug into other Javascript code, instead of needing to write it themselves. It sure is popular though.

    But more important than any of that: you need to know the titles used in job ads for these languages.

    HTML isn't considered sexy, so people who write that are "markup monkeys".
    Javascript (but usually specifically jQuery) has "ninjas".
    PHP has "pirates".
    Ruby has "rockstars".

    Perl has "monks" but only Perl people seem to know this. They can also be "mongers". And you'll not see this in job ads, but only among Perl guys sometimes.

    Python sometimes has "wranglers" but I haven't seen this in a long time. I guess Python people are too busy writing code that works to bother calling people silly names in their job ads.

    Someone who writes CSS is either dismissively called a "designer", or if they manage to impress someone, they get called a "guru".
    Stomme poes, Jul 13, 2011 IP
  7. drhowarddrfine

    drhowarddrfine Peon

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    Good post, Stomme! Haven't seen a good post on DP in years.
    drhowarddrfine, Jul 13, 2011 IP