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Selling Automated Mobile Phone Videos Site With Amazon Shop & Internal Ads System

Discussion in 'Sites' started by canaryspace, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Automated Mobile Phone Video Site With Amazon Shop & Internal Ads System

    A totally automated Mobile Phone Videos Site with Amazon Shop and Internal Ads System. Multiple revenue opportunities in the huge mobile phone niche! Amazing valuable domain and premium theme.

    Completely automated website. Automatically posts new videos every day. Automated Internal ads system allows visitors to buy ads on the site and pay you direct through Paypal and Stripe. Premium theme, plugins & domain.

    Amazon Shop has over 800 smartphones ready for your site visitors to purchase and let you earn commission automatically from the Amazon Affiliate Program! You can add new smartphones through the click of a button to keep your store up to date!

    Sell ad spaces on the site to other smartphone vendors and affiliates and take 100% of the profit through Stripe and Paypal!

    If you are looking for a zero maintenance website that will build up traffic and revenue over time automatically, this is for you!

    I build starter sites that give the buyer a chance to succeed with little knowledge or work required. This website template took me over 1 week to develop using various premium plugins and premium theme. The domain hits a huge niche that is very profitable. I think this website will grow into a high traffic and high revenue website over time.

    The Smartphone marketplace is huge! Take advantage of it by grabbing visitors looking for demos of almost any mobile phone on the market. Videos are updated automatically whilst you sleep and all major search engines are pinged through the automatic updating sitemap, both post and video sitemaps installed. This will help your videos get indexed in Google, Bing and all major search engines.


    • Automatic Ads System. Visitors can buy ads, pay you via Paypal or Stripe and the advert will go live instantly. The ads system offers "Pay Per Click", "Pay Per Impression" or "Pay Per Day" ad slots. You set the prices and the system takes care of the rest from selling to publishing the ads. You just collect the money!
    • Amazon Affiliate Shop. The shop already has over 800 smartphones. Simply press a button in the admin panel to grab more products per brand. When you sell a phone, you will earn commission from the Amazon Affiliate Program. All you need to do is add your Amazon Affiliate IDs into the admin panel and you can earn from every product already in the store!
    • Automatic video posting. This premium plugin grabs videos from Youtube all day long! I have set up the smartphone brands and keywords to select the most relevant videos and post them into each category. You can easily add more brands if you wish, although you shouldn't need to, I think I have them all covered.
    • Legal pages done. Terms, Privacy Policy, Cooke Bar and Contact Page have been created and installed to make the site legal. You don't have to worry about any legal hassles. You are using the Youtube API, if it's not allowed to be shared or embedded it wont appear on this site!
    • Disqus comment system. The best comment system used by many websites has been installed to allow discussions on each and every video!
    • Sitemaps. I have installed 2 sitemaps, a general XML sitemap and a video sitemap. Both sitemaps will get content indexed into Google. They work automatically, as a new video is posted, the sitemaps will regenerate and ping search engines.
    • Rating System with Rich Snippets. Every video and product can be star rated by any visitor. The star ratings are rich snippet friendly so you will see Google and other search engines place stars next to your search results. If a listing hasn't been rated, it will appear as a normal search result without the stars. Simply visit as many videos as you can on the site and give each one a rating. Your visitors will eventually do this for you. It is a good feature for user interaction and search engine ranking and totally automated!
    • Premium Theme. The site is built on Wordpress using Curated premium theme. It has tons of options, however, I have set it up to run as best as possible with my knowledge of the theme throughout the years. You can play around with it, but I would recommend leaving it as it is.
    • Share Buttons. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google share buttons appear at the bottom of every video to allow visitors to share their favorite videos effortlessly, bringing in even more social media traffic!
    • OneSignal Push Notifications. This plugin works with OneSignal and allows visitors to subscribe to updates that are sent even when the user is not on the website! It is also set to automatically send out push notifications to all subscribers when a new video is posted. Over time you will end up with thousands of subscribers that you can send a message to even if they are not on the website! This is a great feature for promoting new products in your Amazon Store.
    • Optimus. Images are automatically optimized when downloaded to the website before posting them onto the front end. This lowers server resources and also speeds up the website without losing image quality!
    • Yoast SEO. Installed and optimized for better search engine indexing and rankings.
    • Premium Domain. You're not gonna find many dot coms in the mobile phone niche as short and to the point as MobilePhoneVideos.com!
    You can own the ultimate revenue earning Wordpress website in the huge and popular smart phone niche if you win this auction!

    What's included in this sale?
    Free domain push to Namecheap. The domain is less than 60 days old so you will need a Namecheap account for the free transfer.

    Free migration of the website and all files to your server or I can give you $10 free on DigitalOcean (new accounts only). It is currently running on a $10 DigitalOcean droplet. The $10 free credit will give you 1 month free hosting.

    Free support if required.

    All affiliate IDs added and everything else you need.

    How do I run this website?

    You don't need to do anything really. Just add your Paypal and Stripe details to the ads plugin and you are ready to accept payments for advertising on the site. Add your Amazon Affiliate IDs into the Amazon Affiliate Plugin. Sit back and watch the traffic grow and wait for the first sale which should increase over time!

    What can I do to improve the website?

    Create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google etc and install auto-posting plugins is my suggestion. Or simply use the share buttons below each video to share them on each network.

    You could add more brands if you wish to, I will help you set them up and get the videos auto-posting to each brand category. This, in my opinion, is not necessary though, you have the niche covered unless I am missing a smart phone brand.

    This website is ideal for newbies and I will setup all your IDs etc required so you can sit back and relax as your new website grows and earns whilst you sleep!

    Any questions, contact me at any time via Flippa Messaging.

    Happy Bidding!
    canaryspace, Nov 29, 2018 IP