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Auto-mute or noise cancellation for skype?

Discussion in 'Yahoo' started by onasejaz, Oct 24, 2014.

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    HI All Friends:
    I am in a situation where I need to eliminate background conversations that come through my mic while using skype. I have a very expensive mic (Blue Nessie) and realtek HD audio software installed. I am looking for either software that can auto-mute when the person speaking is quite and then recognize when he/she speaks and disables the mute until they stop their sentence and then mutes again. or an extremely effective noise cancellation solution. PTT (push to talk) won't work for what I need this for and I have already tried everything I can think of in my sound settings both with realtek and system settings. A standalone app would be nice, any suggestions? Thanks

    onasejaz, Oct 24, 2014 IP
  2. TimNur

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    The auto-mute can generate a very disturbing experience to the human ear. I suggest that you try a professional noise reduction software like SoliCall Pro. This software connects to Skype using virtual audio device technology and it has a powerful profile-based NR. Make sure to record a voice sample.
    TimNur, Oct 27, 2014 IP