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Authenticity of Link Detox Tools

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by bhavik05, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Here is a frequently asked question from many of the webmasters that same with us also as webmasters are getting the Google alert for un-natural link building every now and then from Google. And its very difficult to identify or segregate the un-natural links in terms of Google from the healthy links or group of the links. There are so many parameters for un-natural links frequently discussed by Google and webmasters, but still has not clearly stated and always creates confusion about how a webmaster can sort out the unnatural links for their website to remove. This process needs to be carried out carefully to avoid the removal of healthy links.

    There are many tools available online that offer professional software services to recognize the bad links for your website. These sites offer link Detox and gives various reasons for toxic links and suspicious links such as the penalized links are not indexed in Google, Links pages of low PR, links created through number of network domains, links from expired domain link networks etc.

    But still want to confirm the online SEO community that whether such tools give accurate bad links search result or can we rely on getting the exact bad links from software to remove the bad links which Google is targeting and responsible to lower the site ranking?
    If any one have checked such tools and is confident that some particular site services/ free or paid software is accurate in fetching all the bad & un-natural links for the site to be removed in benefit for better site ranking, then please let us know. This information will be quite useful for so many webmasters across the globe.

    Response from all webmasters community is appreciated.
    bhavik05, Mar 25, 2013 IP
  2. OSSEO

    OSSEO Active Member

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    I did not check that tool because there are too many risks .Its automated tool .
    OSSEO, Mar 25, 2013 IP
  3. DaffodilSW

    DaffodilSW Greenhorn

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    No tool can find you the link that Google thinks is a bad link. Avoid such tools, you need to do your own analysis. Try to figure out where it all started and what you did at that time that can cause this kind of action.
    DaffodilSW, Mar 26, 2013 IP