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Aurora or Bux ?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by lynx17, Dec 15, 2009.

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    I am new here.:)
    I am a ptc earner and a co-admin of a buxhost site too.
    Me and my admin wanted to start a new site which is simple, innovative, secure and not a puppet script like buxhost.com

    First, i need to know what is this Aurora site all about ?
    What is the main difference between a bux site and an aurora ?
    and which would run with more profits and with sustainability.
    All i know is that Aurora site is stable with low ppc and bux is at most risk with high pay per click.

    And if i would like to start an aurora site, then what could be the most important things to keep in mind ?
    I am waiting for some professional tips.
    lynx17, Dec 15, 2009 IP
  2. eafindme

    eafindme Peon

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    That is good to hear that you are a ptc earner and co-admin. I wish I can be one like you.

    Let's keep it short n simple.

    Aurora site has great advantages for advertisers as they have to pay less. Also keep in mind that aurora site can not attract much members because of low earning potential. In other words, aurora site has higher sustainability as compared to bux site. Most of the aurora sites will sustain just depend on advertising, member upgrades is just like icing on the cake.

    Here is some maths:
    1000 contest ptc at donkeymails is 0.4$, that is 0.04 cents per ptc ads.
    but member only earn 0.01 cents for each ptc ads viewed.
    that means the earning=(0.04-0.01)*1000=0.3$. That is more than enough to pay for their referral commissions and contest price. Imagine 100 advertisers buy the same ad package in one day. Earning of 30$ per day is assured.:)

    Less advertisers choose to advertise on bux site as they have to pay more to members. However, bux site can attract many members as bux site has higher earning potentials. Many members may not aware the risks on investing some newly created bux sites as most of them is not sustainable and turn into scam after the midnight. My experience in PTC world is bux sites have more risks as many of them tend to fail because of negative advertising cash flow. Bux sites still have to rely on other functions like jackpots, referrals renting and upgrade purchases to get alternate cash to pay member.:(

    For instance, at Neobux, 200 ads costs 5$, that means 2.5 cents per ads.
    Standard member earn 1 cent with referrals earning of 0.5 cents each, that is they have to pay 1.5 cent for each standard member. That is OK but when you see the ultimate members' earning, they have to pay 3 cents for each or them and their referrals' view. they lose 0.5 cents.

    If your advertising costs is too high, less and sometimes no advertisers will advertise with you and decided to add self sponsored ads and you will lose more!!:mad:

    My advice is aurora site is preferred for starter and for small player. If you want to take risks, go ahead and do your own bux site but remember that you need to create a good reputation on your bux site is not an easy task.

    Hope this help. Regards.
    eafindme, Jan 27, 2010 IP
  3. restlesss

    restlesss Guest

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    its a total waste of time to earn in cents and ptc site just try any thing other online programs ...
    restlesss, Jan 28, 2010 IP
  4. FavouritesBlog

    FavouritesBlog Peon

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    PTC sites are not worth your time, you will have so many people scamming your timers and not buying into your affiliate programs.
    FavouritesBlog, Jan 28, 2010 IP