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Feedback Auction got deleted?

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by edgeofthecosmos, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Hello, so I sold two $75 vouchers under the voucher section of the forum, everything went perfect but I got an infraction, 1 for making a duplicate post and another for bumping my own thread when it fact it wasn't a duplicate and I wasn't trying to bump it. Anyways, I got a 75 dollar voucher one day and then later on the same day I got another and sold that as well, both transactions went without a hitch. Today I check my other email and it says I got a $100 Voucher, so I too put that up for sale as well under voucher, mind you I was selling these for dirt cheap, then someone replied to the $100 thread (my 3rd auction) saying that he got nothing and that supposedly he was ripped off, when this person never sent me any money or even bid on any my auctions, somebody with 0 feedback, 2 or 3 posts and with broken English. Right after that my auction was deleted.

    These are the supposed duplicate threads in question that I got an infraction for. 1 is this and well the other was deleted.

    This one I understand, I should have used the bump feature, but really I had someone try to scam me through private messages, bid on something and never paid, so I replied to let them know it was still for sale, my fault but again troll wins this one.

    Im just disappointed that scammers are pulling the strings here and that legitimate users are being punished because of them. Again I had both of my auctions deleted, both legitimate auctions because of trolls. However, I really don't blame the moderators, they dont investigate all posts so im just letting you know what happened.

    Kind regards

    EDIT It seems both of my posts were merged, see here. One of my posts from Nov 9th 2010 and one from today. I don't get why.

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2011
    edgeofthecosmos, Jan 25, 2011 IP
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    ~~~~, Jan 26, 2011 IP
  3. andyzzz

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    Rules are rules, no explanation needed.
    andyzzz, Jan 27, 2011 IP