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ASP.net postback events, Altlas & search engines

Discussion in 'C#' started by DanInManchester, Jun 19, 2006.

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    since I started using .net I've avoided using postback events for links such as paging and product categories etc. because they break traditional browser behaviour such as enabling the user to add the page to their favourites or opening in anew window. AS well as this I was also concerned about how search engines would follow such a site.
    This has worked fine using the ptraditional querystrings for these sort of pages however now I want to Atlas enable some of my traditional pages so I am going to be forsed to use postback events deal with things like paging.

    Firstly how do people deal with these issues? And most importantly how will an Atlas site using postbacks do in the search engines?

    I really don't want to break browser behaviour and whilst I apreciate I can add the tradional links to the page to allow users to add them to their favourites or whatever for this isn't an ideal approach and doesn't solve the search engine issue.

    Any ideas?
    DanInManchester, Jun 19, 2006 IP