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Asp - moving/upload multiple images to folder

Discussion in 'C#' started by wish, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Hello, i'm fairly new to this board. As I just joined. But I was looking for a good forum where they did asp and I got here.

    Now, fmy following problem is ... I need or have to make a forum on which you can select images, preferably at 1 time. Those images will have to load on a page where I have Text boxes where I can add information to the database.

    It's not much of a problem to do this with 1 file, but I need to be able to do some mass uploading.

    Is this possible?
    And how do I do this?

    Anyway, thnx for the help in advance, I'll be spending quite some time here now.
    wish, Jan 26, 2006 IP
  2. jaymcc

    jaymcc Peon

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    You might have a couple of problem with this...

    1. Most web servers will only allow uploads up to a certain file size. So when you say mass uploading are you talking about big files or just lots of them?
    2. There is not way to select more than one file at a time in and <input type=file> box.
    3. You may find that you have to play with the asp script timeout options to ensure your page doesn't timeout when doing the upload.

    To upload multiple files you can put as many file input boxes you like on the page, and even add them dynamically through dhtml if you wanted to.

    Is FTP not an option? Or is it a user facing upload process you want to build.

    There are quite a few asp upload components you could use, hotscripts.com has hundreds, some free, some not so.


    jaymcc, Jan 28, 2006 IP
  3. AWD1

    AWD1 Peon

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    ASPUpload (asupload.com, which I can't link to because I don't have 10 total posts) should do the trick. The new version will let you upload multiple files, determine whether or not each file is a GIF/JPG/BMP, extract the file size to make sure a file isn't too big, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

    Two things, though:

    1) The docs say this too, but most people still screw this up: do not use Request.Form with it. It won't work, since ASPUpload uses its own form collection object.

    2) The one annoying habit ASPUpload has is to generate a false DNS error rather than a regular error sometimes when you have an error in your code. So be prepared to use Response.Write and especially Response.End to debug.
    AWD1, Feb 1, 2006 IP
  4. wish

    wish Peon

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    1. it's not on a web server, the program will be used in a company so that they can easily find / add foto's by some simple clicks.

    2. I noticed that, though the company wants something similar to that. As long as it works they are happy.

    Yea it's more user interfaced, though an upload program in asp would be nice also. The fact is that I need to be able to play with several boxes of information they put in it.

    Like the filenaam needs to be replaced when copying with a combination of things they enter.
    wish, Mar 1, 2006 IP