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ASP mails are Splitting after 2K sizes

Discussion in 'C#' started by Jayesh.Learning, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Dear Friends,

    I am facing following problem with my work while working on ASP System using SQL Server 2000.

    When receiving emails from ASP systems (Any), After 2K characters <enter> (next line character) is added automatically even though it is not there in code and for this mail that is received comes with spaces or <table> tag is replaced with <t able> or < table> if it comes exactly at the 2k characters(2047th) position;
    thus instead of <table> tab < table> tab is used and is shown printed on the email.....

    To explain this I will use the following example:

    What happens is if Code is having <table> as one of the tab in the email body (mail.body) and if <, t, a, b, l, e, > are characters such that coming at place number 2046, 2047, 2048...th respectively.
    But when I receive emails is having body as discussed will actually have
    able> (after 2047 th character <Enter> key is coming to picture and thus next html/asp tags are placed in next line) instead of <table> :(

    Thus instead of <table> we have <t able> etc. printed on the mails source

    (For example if mail is of size say 5K then will split (<enter>(next line character) key added) for 2 times, First time for 1st 2K characters as discussed above and then for next 2K .... and so on and mail will go with 2 <enter> added)
    Mail body (mail.body) in all mails are big in character numbers (Large mails in size along with images)

    Please help if any one knows the solution or atleast provide a TIP;

    Other Observations
    1. Same problem is repeating with other system emails in ASP
    2. Is it related to mail Server ?

    if email if of 5K size;
    say 2K+2k+1K and assume that all the body is continuous and on the same line;
    instead of receiving 2K2K1K body, i receive
    Jayesh.Learning, Oct 24, 2008 IP