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ASP Email Notification

Discussion in 'C#' started by walebel, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I'll appreciate any assistance on this. The scenario;

    I have a database table with the following sample records;

    Brewing Plant-----2------10000------11/3/2012----1136-------person1@yahoo.com
    Brewing Plant-----2------10000------11/3/2012----1136-------person1@yahoo.com
    Car Plant---------1------5000-------11/3/2012----568--------person1@yahoo.com
    Brewing Plant-----1------5000-------11/3/2012----568--------person2@yahoo.com
    Car Plant---------4------20000------11/3/2012----2272-------person2@yahoo.com
    Brewing Plant-----3------15000------11/3/2012----1704-------person3@yahoo.com

    This is my requirement:
    I want just one notification email each sent to theses various persons with their information. Please note that summations are are done email is sent e.g;

    Person1 should receive an email like
    Brewing Plant----4------2272
    Car Plant--------1------568
    while Person2 should receive an email like
    Brewing Plant----1-----568
    Car Plant--------4-----2272
    and so on.

    I am using classic ASP and MySQL

    Thanks for your anticipated assistance.
    walebel, Nov 27, 2012 IP