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Artificial Intelligence - Deep Learning Algorithms

Discussion in 'Programming' started by scu8a, Jan 18, 2020.

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    I understand the concept, but I've only come up with hypotheses as to ways in which I would create an algorithm that could compute bitmaps to define their content.

    Have you ever seen an owl perched somewhere looking for prey? Notice how it may tilt its head, and how it moves its head in a circular motion as it tries to make sense of what it sees? I'm assuming that this circular movement is done to change the angle of view to get a better idea in terms of depth perception. There's a reason that the owl has evolved to behave this way. Why not incorporate such ideas into a machine learning algorithm.

    If you are using bitmaps to perform machine learning, what advantages are there to rotating the bitmap and analyzing it? I'm asking because I really haven't a clue.

    To get to the point, do you have any experience with using bitmaps for the purpose of machine learning? Have you ever had to apply Bayes' theorem in your work? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayes'_theorem)
    I'm just scratching the surface, here. I haven't yet looked into machine learning w/ bitmaps as of yet. It sounds interesting, and useful to me. Do any of you guys concur?
    scu8a, Jan 18, 2020 IP