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Buying Articles on Analogue and Digital Communication. 2$/100 words

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by mnuismnu, Apr 2, 2013.

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    There are different aspects of the required job. The specific topics are listed at the end of this post but first let me make it clear what is required quality wise in three simple points:

    1-Articles should not be re-written in any way, I am offering a good rate of 2 USD per 100 words and I demand 100% originality. If the job is well done, I will throw in extra 5 dollars. Technical language should be appropriately used.
    2-Articles should be copyscape pass.
    3-I will pay the writer once the job is done, I have been doing my business over this site in this way for quite sometime and I choose to keep it up.

    Now for the Analogue topics:

    Topic 1 (500 words):
    A brief explanation of the principles of the super-heterodyne receiver. It may help to use a simple block diagram to express the process. Why is the production of the Intermediate Frequency so important and why are there at least two stages of IF amplification necessary in a simple Superheterodyne receiver?

    Topic 2 (250 words):
    A brief summary of how noise can affect an AM/FM Superhet receiver, what are the differences in particular to how the demodulator stage works, and comment on the choice of component values used.

    Topic 3 (250 words):
    The need for automatic gain control in AM receivers and Automatic frequency control in FM receivers, how are these ‘control’ voltages produced and used.

    Topic 4 (500 words):
    Using diagrams where appropriate how analogue signals are converted to digital signals, discuss the need for non-uniform quantisation and the process of conversion back to an analogue signal.

    And now for the digital topic (1500 words):
    A short technical report on one of the following digital communication techniques-
      1. Frequency Division Multiplexing
      2. Delta Modulation
        c. Error Detection and Correction
    Interested writer should contact me by PM. I will require a little portion of first topic to check the quality of content before the final product is produced.
    mnuismnu, Apr 2, 2013 IP
  2. MOmarFarooq

    MOmarFarooq Greenhorn

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    I'm an English writer with a strong background in both academic and professional writing. I am highly interested in your job posting as it really fits my field of expertise. I am a writer by passion and profession. I deliver high quality, unique and Copyscape-proofed content on a rich variety of writing styles and topics. I ensure that every written piece is reviewed several times so that you receive a fine-tuned final draft that will surely surpass your expectations. I am a freelance writer that is committed to meeting the client's needs every step of the project. Since every assignment is a key for unlocking the door to a long and fruitful relationship, nothing is left to chance. I am open for any evaluations measure my writing skills. You can expect prompt and friendly communication, swift turnaround times, and a fierce dedication to quality deliverable should you choose to work with me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    My Email Address:

    Muhammad Umar Farooq
    MOmarFarooq, Apr 5, 2013 IP
  3. shoogsx

    shoogsx Member

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    i am able to provide everything you
    need on a long term basis.
    my team can deliver quality content, free of grammatical Errors, 100% Unique - Checked By copyscape and always on time!!
    please send me a message and we will talk
    about everything... have a nice day!
    shoogsx, Apr 12, 2013 IP