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Article Writer Available until Wed. Midnight EST

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by chrissie1101, Apr 17, 2007.

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    This means guaranteed turnaround, any orders I confirm between now and then WILL be received by Wednesday (April 18) at midnight EST.

    If you like my work, there is a possibility I can work for you long-term but I do have some big clients right now that get priority.

    My rates for this 24 hour guaranteed turnaround are as follows:

    $1.50/100 words
    (this rate does not and wilil not apply to any current clients)

    Paypal ONLY.

    Rates are not negotiable, so please do not PM me with that request. PM me with topics and your requirements -- how many articles you want and how many words each. Please be as specific as possible and I will let you know if I can fill the order.

    Obviously, first requests will be given priority.

    Work samples in my sig.

    chrissie1101, Apr 17, 2007 IP
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  2. Ajeet

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    Hi chrissie welcome to the DP forums and I hope that you will emerge as a top writer here. You sure show the promise and your articles (link in sig) are great. I am sending you PM about some articles that I need written.
    Thanks :)
    Ajeet, Apr 19, 2007 IP