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Are you NOT making money online? Need Help? Join Veecash now and let's EARN together!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by adninja, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Hello Digital Point,

    My name is De' Andre and I'm owner of Veecash.org ;)
    What is veecash you ask? Let me explain it to you :)

    veecash is a social webmaster community where people can learn how to make money online and also make money online inside veecash itself. veecash is also a GPT (Get Paid To) network with a twist of networking, webmasters and more!

    So, you can join veecash and do tasks for cash and get paid the same day or less than 24hrs of completion. So, while you can make cash on the side, you can learn how to make money with CPA (Cost Per Action), CPM, Adsense, Websites, Blogs and more. We want everyone to succeed just like other webmasters are. And if you had success online, you can share your knowledge with everyone else so they can, also, enjoy the profits.

    Recently, I haven't been working on veecash much, but since I got dismissed from college, I'm striving to help this community grow and so that I can make more of an income but also help other people whose in dire situations or just need the money. This is a great opportunity for webmaster!

    Benefits of veecash?

    Exposure: With veecash, you can basically get free advertisement of your websites by having your website link under you name when you post.

    eBooks, Guides, Tips & Help: We're not greedy at veecash, we want to succeed as much as the next person but we don't want to leave people behind. We PROFIT MORE when everyone is working together and making money.

    Tasks4Cash: This is the GPT side of veecash where you do simple tasks for money. Most tasks, you will earn $0.50 cents fpr each tasks, every time. Some tasks can be from email submits or posting on someone's forum.

    The beauty of this is, members can post their own tasks for people to do, so they can get traffic to whatever they need. And only a small fee of $1 to post a thread and keep it up, forever!

    There's so many things veecash has to offer, so if you want to better your income, help other people while helping yourself succeed, then join veecash now!

    "We only accomplish more when we're working as a team, unity and whole"

    -- veecash motto


    *Please remember veecash is still in beta mode so there will be changes accruing soon, but it's open to the public!
    adninja, Jan 12, 2012 IP