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Are you interested in this data?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by mvg, Oct 31, 2020.

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    I am co-founder of a startup. We are working towards developing a product that let's see you see competitor pricing, their products, quantity, facebook ads and other data to understand how overall marketplace is doing. We have 50-60 sign up so far. We will offer our webapp extremely cheap to help out folks who wish to grow in their marketplace. I have worked at quite a few e-commerce companies before and everyone has some sort of marketplace analytics to understand demand. Almost everyone from medium to large player consistently does dynamic pricing. However, small players don't have this advantage.

    A friend of mine recommended me posting to this community to see if people here would benefit.

    Three questions - 1) would you benefit from such data? If not, what are you using right now for your pricing strategy?
    2) What type of data would you most benefit from?
    3) Would excel or google spreadsheet work better for downloading this data? or do you prefer PDF for such data?

    Mod Note: this is a discussion thread not a sales or solicitation thread
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    mvg, Oct 31, 2020 IP