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Are there people here that are serious about making investments?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by David26, Sep 9, 2016.

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    I hear a lot of stories about people who were able to raise money from investors to build a profitable business where everyone in the end received a large payback on their money. I research and they say to ask friends or family for an investment, but what do you do when:

    1. Everyone in your family is broke
    2. Those who are not broke are afraid to let anyone know what they make
    3. Those who are afraid of the sky falling and believe in 0% risk (as if there is such a thing)
    4. Those who think that everything is a scam
    I have been part of a real estate investment group for the past few years that is very successful and they always say to get a group of investors together to put together a good deal as if it is easy. I am thinking about instead of investors if I could receive loans that I will pay back. I have an excellent credit score and assets, but instead of saving up more tens of thousands of dollars, it would go a lot quicker if I borrow the money and pay it back at a good interest rate.

    Sure I can easily get a bank loan but banks do not like someone who is double leveraged to buy properties. If you would like to send me a private message about more details and if it is possible you could be interested in receiving a good interest rate on your money that you lend let me know. I am only curious to know who might be interested, nothing will be committed any time soon. My plan is to get personal loans that I can pay back and I have the assets and liquid cash to pay them back but they will be used as an emergency backup instead of depleting it to get started.
    David26, Sep 9, 2016 IP