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Are there any coordinate commands in javascript?

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by Imozeb, Mar 11, 2010.

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    I want to know a list of things:

    1. Are there any commands to find the position of the mouse.

    2. Are there any commands to find the position of an element.

    And most importantly,
    3. Are these commands cross browser because I've seen some sites that say they only work in IE.


    ~imzoeb :)
    Imozeb, Mar 11, 2010 IP
  2. !Unreal

    !Unreal Well-Known Member

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    After googling "javascript position of mouse" this was the first result. Then after googling "javascript positon of element" this was the first result.

    Have you heard of this new thing Google? It's great :)
    !Unreal, Mar 12, 2010 IP