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Appraisal request for multiple cryptocurrency-related domains

Discussion in 'Appraisals' started by DukeofEternia, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Dear fellow forum members,
    Good afternoon.
    This is my first post to this forum and hereby I would like humbly to ask your help for the appraisal of my domain portfolio. I have managed to register a few cryptocurrency-related domain names and would like to know the realistic value of my domains respectively.

    The domains are:
    • cryptopunter.com / slotoshi.com / blockchainbonuses.com
    • Reg 12/6/17
    • These domains would be perfect for any bitcoin casino businesses, either for the operators themselves or the affiliate websites linked to the operators.
    • bitcoinswelcome.com / bitcoinauctionsite.com / satoshijackpot.com / satoshicasinos.com
    • Reg 18/6/17
    • bitcoinswelcome.com would be a great for a business promoting the fact that they accept bitcoins as a payment method, or alternatively, great for a website listing the vendors accepting bitcoins. Bitcoinauctionsite.com would be perfect domain for a marketplace accepting bitcoins as their paymentmethod. The latter two are ideal for online casino operators / affiliate websites.
    Please help me out with the appraisal, many thanks in advance!
    DukeofEternia, Jun 19, 2017 IP
  2. DukeofEternia

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    DukeofEternia, Jun 24, 2017 IP