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Apache,ModSecurity can i prevent a script be executed from certain path?

Discussion in 'Apache' started by postcd, Sep 24, 2017.

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    i have Linux, Apache, SuPHP, Mod Security web server and i want to use
    - ModSecurity or
    - Apache Include files or
    - PHP.ini or
    - some similar kind of software
    to disallow users to run files from certain paths, for example: /tmp
    It seems that my scripts needs exec() kind of PHP functions, and i can not globaly disable these because then i can not selectively enable it for certain users. I can selectively enable only certain PHP functions, but not all (like exec()). So i wish You can advise other way to disallow an user to execute a script in certain path (like /tmp) from within his/her .php script.

    Because i assume the .php scripts (maybe also .js?) can execute m@licious scripts (perl, python, sh?...) using exec kind of functions. I already set the /tmp mount point with noexec mount option, but i am looking what else i can do to stop execution of perl/python and similar scripts.
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    postcd, Sep 24, 2017 IP