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Apache Map Custom Domains to folders

Discussion in 'Apache' started by temp2, Oct 2, 2015.

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    I'm needing a solution like DP's Domain Parking Redirects (in Marketplace -> Domain):
    Basically, I have a web app - www.mydomain.com/webapp/, with folders:

    Now I want to use these custom domains to access:
    I knew I need to create CName records & point to mydomain.com. But now I don't know how to configure my server to resolve these custom domains then assign to the right folder.

    Please help me, thanks
    temp2, Oct 2, 2015 IP
  2. Roger S

    Roger S Active Member

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    Did you try using the Addon-domain type as an option.

    www.mydomain.com/webapp/, will have a document root.

    Like /home/username/public_html/..... /webapp/

    Now when you add the other domains as addons do the following.

    in the document root part use the above path and add the folder* paths also.

    This is pretty easy in cPanel.

    ***Enter the directory that you wish to contain the addon domain’s files in the document root text box.
    Roger S, Dec 26, 2015 IP