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Anyone using customer testimonial videos to boost sales?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Vizzle, Sep 6, 2018.


Are you collecting and showcasing testimonial videos from your customers?

  1. Yes

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  2. No, but I would like to

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  3. No, and I don't really want to

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    I've seen this mentioned a few places, including by Ezra Firestone, and I started building an app a while back that was originally intended to allow people to collect videos remotely from friends and family and then merge them all together into things like birthday videos. But then it was brougth to my attention a while back that businesses could use it to collect and showcase customer testimonial videos.

    So I have 2 quetions for everyone:

    1. Do you think being able to showcase videos from your customers on your store and social media would help sales?

    2. If you think it will, would you be test that idea out with my app and give me honest feedback?

    Vizzle, Sep 6, 2018 IP