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Anyone know of a translator program or of someone who could help

Discussion in 'PHP' started by mcsjwu, Sep 8, 2006.

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    I'm in need of this php snippet to be converted from php to asp. The server of course is asp. If anyone knows of a program or could help me translate it, I would greatly appreciate it so so much. Thanks, Mike


    * Get the width and height of the destination image
    * from the POST variables and convert them into
    * integer values
    $w = (int)$_POST['width'];
    $h = (int)$_POST['height'];

    // create the image with desired width and height

    $img = imagecreatetruecolor($w, $h);

    // now fill the image with blank color
    // do you remember i wont pass the 0xFFFFFF pixels
    // from flash?
    imagefill($img, 0, 0, 0xFFFFFF);

    $rows = 0;
    $cols = 0;

    // now process every POST variable which
    // contains a pixel color
    for($rows = 0; $rows < $h; $rows++){
    // convert the string into an array of n elements
    $c_row = explode(",", $_POST['px' . $rows]);
    for($cols = 0; $cols < $w; $cols++){
    // get the single pixel color value
    $value = $c_row[$cols];
    // if value is not empty (empty values are the blank pixels)
    if($value != ""){
    // get the hexadecimal string (must be 6 chars length)
    // so add the missing chars if needed
    $hex = $value;
    while(strlen($hex) < 6){
    $hex = "0" . $hex;
    // convert value from HEX to RGB
    $r = hexdec(substr($hex, 0, 2));
    $g = hexdec(substr($hex, 2, 2));
    $b = hexdec(substr($hex, 4, 2));
    // allocate the new color
    // N.B. teorically if a color was already allocated
    // we dont need to allocate another time
    // but this is only an example
    $test = imagecolorallocate($img, $r, $g, $b);
    // and paste that color into the image
    // at the correct position
    imagesetpixel($img, $cols, $rows, $test);
    // print out the correct header to the browser
    // display the image
    imagejpeg($img, "", 90);
    mcsjwu, Sep 8, 2006 IP