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Any PPC-CJ marketers out there?

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by croni, Aug 9, 2010.

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    I am wondering, whether there are successfull PPC to CommissionJunction affiliates out there? Would be interesting to hear from you how a noob should start and how to do it.
    croni, Aug 9, 2010 IP
  2. sevnrock

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    I tried it for a little while last year. I gave it up because 1. it wasn't profitable enough for me and 2. CJ stats are not real-time and it's hard to really know how well your campaign is doing.

    If you have a good chunk of money. Spend time setting up a real campaign and an optimized landing page.
    sevnrock, Aug 9, 2010 IP
  3. MoneyBroker

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    If you look around in the help section on CJ, there is an API that will report commissions in real time for you.....if the advertiser supports it, that is.

    The tools are there to do it. .. just depends on if you can understand how to set it up.

    Here is proof that it can be profitable:

    07-19-2010 $1,916.50 Direct Deposit 0000503358 Sent USD 396908895
    06-24-2010 $3,048.70 Direct Deposit 0000499846 Sent USD 396737338
    05-26-2010 $4,861.75 Direct Deposit 0000494595 Sent USD 396556312
    04-23-2010 $2,054.60 Direct Deposit 0000489073 Sent USD 396370193
    03-25-2010 $1,657.00 Direct Deposit 0000483690 Sent USD 396178333
    02-25-2010 $906.50 Direct Deposit 0000478456 Sent USD 395999777
    01-19-2010 $433.00 Direct Deposit 0000471624 Sent USD 395805130
    12-17-2009 $217.00 Direct Deposit 0000466315 Sent USD 395618142
    10-20-2009 $64.50 Direct Deposit 0000455192 Sent USD 395243980
    05-19-2009 $91.95 Direct Deposit 0000430197 Sent USD 394417151

    Don't ask me how to do it, either. I already went that route trying to be nice to people. I showed a 'friend' how I can make $900 in 30 minutes on skype, and he turned 'enemy' on me as soon as he seen the actual proof. So.. don't even think about asking.. use your head, and figure it out like I had to. If you can't figure it out, then you are in the wrong business. It doesn't take SEO or any of that overrated time wasting B.S. either. All I do is copy and paste. Just depends what you copy, and where you paste it.

    That's all you get for free out of me.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2010
    MoneyBroker, Aug 9, 2010 IP