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Any hardware expert out here?-need some help with my pc

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BIZBoy, Aug 14, 2007.

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    My PC has got -
    Intel Core Duo @ 1.60 ghz
    1 Gigs of RAM(DIMM)
    80 GB Seagate barracude 7200.9
    But it still runs slow!

    It has the avp program kaspersky Internet security-fully updated, I also did full computer scan, did defrag for all the drives,did a scan disk check.

    My computer is not so stuffed either.....I mean I haven't even installed too many programs or any games but still.....

    So you guys have any idea how to fix it?IF so, do answer....
    BIZBoy, Aug 14, 2007 IP
  2. uttoransen

    uttoransen Prominent Member

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    what operating system you are using! is it windows XP! is it up-to-date:)
    uttoransen, Aug 14, 2007 IP
  3. aGig

    aGig Well-Known Member

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    Has it always ran slow or just recently? If its Vista seems like 1gig of ram acts like 256mb did on XP so the more ram the better (up to 3gigs unless your running 64bit).

    aGig, Aug 14, 2007 IP
  4. Tooschee

    Tooschee Active Member

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    1. Alt+ctr+delete and check the Task manager
    2. Check with eat all of the CPU and RAM usage
    3. delete/turn it off

    If you have more than 2 physical disc and 1 virtual turn off Kaspersky and install something different - i've noticed that when i mount anything Kaspersky sometimes went crazy for a couple of seconds [CPU usage at 95% level]

    If You're running vista, turn off the desktop enchancements, 1 GB of ram is too small for everything running around :).

    Oh, and check in bios whether You use Your memory properly [for example if your RAM 133 MHz runs as a RAM 133 MHz not 100 MHz]

    For better performance set the swap file to 2,5* amount of your RAM - in Your case it will be around 2048 / 3062 MB
    Tooschee, Aug 14, 2007 IP