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Any body has sold domain by this aution listing site,

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by Ahmed Shawan, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Recently i got an offer to sell one of my domains at whopping $24000

    I got excited about the offer but later they asked a lot of things to manage in order to sell the domain

    Such, appraisal certificate, i got amazed why i need certificate

    Later discussing with the broker things look very shadowy to me about the deal

    And i discontinued the deal with him

    now i want ask if anybody has any experience about this sort of domain selling business

    And have you reviewed this website (http://domain-trademarks.com/) before

    I am so curios to know, if this site is legit or scam

    Ahmed Shawan, Sep 16, 2019 IP
  2. malky66

    malky66 Acclaimed Member

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    It's a scam, and a well know scam, it's been around for years, you have to pay for the appraisal and they take your money and you never hear from them again.
    malky66, Sep 16, 2019 IP