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Any Bizdirectory user using Co-op ? need help

Discussion in 'Co-op Advertising Network' started by ashiezai, Apr 22, 2005.

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    Hello .. i was trying to insert the Co-op code into my biz directory script .. but im having some problems here .. i've used mod-rewrite to make my php to become a static html ..
    the base template is a php file .. but only html code is working under the customizable area ..

    ini_set ("include_path", ini_get ("include_path") . ':../:../../:../../../:../../../../');
    include ('ad_network_234.php');
    echo $ad_network;

    so i have no luck inserting this into the customizable area. Then i tried inserting this code into other area .. this works but no matter where the code i insert it .. it will appear on top of the page ... so this is kinda ugly ..

    I've try using iframe but i know it;s not supported.

    I've try using the Setup For .html/.htm Files Without A Footer File .. but that will get me a 500 internal server error .. so ..

    is there any 1 using biz directory script can help me out? i want my co-op appear on my footer . Any help is much appreciated . Thanks in advance.
    ashiezai, Apr 22, 2005 IP
  2. honey

    honey Prominent Member

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    Add it in index.php in the footer.
    honey, Apr 22, 2005 IP
    ashiezai likes this.
  3. ashiezai

    ashiezai Peon

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    Thanks ! it worked :D
    never thought of adding the code in index.php ... i was just trying my luck with template_index.php only .. Thanks alot

    You received a rep from me for that great help! :)
    ashiezai, Apr 22, 2005 IP