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Anonymizer Stopvirus.link XenForoURL Redirector EN

Discussion in 'XenForo' started by sergey_v, Oct 23, 2016.

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    Adds forum redirection of external links to check for security through secure links
    Upon detection of a malicious resource, the redirection stops and waits for user confirmation.

    The result:
    The safety of the users of the website
    All external links of Your website will go through a service to check links for safety
    Site security
    A search engine is detected on your website a link to a malicious site or file, you can put it under the filter (to lower in the search results) or to exclude from the search
    Search engine optimization
    Instead of thousands of links to your website, will link just one link. You will automatically get rid of all external links on the website.
    Eliminates the possibility of the administrator of the site, a competitor to see which ip-addresses of visitors came on which pages and in what order they access and what kind of information is there interested. To remove your website from the referrals list the log files on the servers referenced with Your web site, thereby the owners of these resources will not be able to know what site it came to visitors.
    For proper operation must be enabled on the CNC.
    Settings->General information->Use CNC links (Options-Basic Board Information-Use Full Friendly URLs)
    1) Upload contents of upload folder to the server.
    2) Via Admin panel, Install a new addition, choose Anonymizer Stopvirus.XenForoURL link Redirector .xml
    Configuration and function:
    In the Admin panel
    Options / Settings - Options - Anonymizer/URL Redirector by Stopvirus.link
    sergey_v, Oct 23, 2016 IP