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Android apps to make money - make money doing nothing with your smart phone

Discussion in 'General Business' started by WiredWebWork.com, Aug 20, 2013.

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    So I've been a member here for a couple years but havent been active recently since this like system was implemented. Any ways, heres my attempt at a contribution. I did a quick search and didnt see any results for these

    I researched ways to make money with a smart phone, and found several apps, three of which I think are worth mentioning. **these apps may or may not only be available in the united states**

    The first app, locket, literally pays you one penny every time you open your phone to a new ad. Essentially it replaces your lock screen with ads, for companies like gatorade or adidas. Every time you unlock your phone and there is a new ad showing for that day you get a penny. Right now I guess they have around 25 advertisers, seeing as how I got 24/26/25 cents daily over the last 3 days. They do payouts at 5 $ as well.

    Another app I found is Gigwalk. Its map based, but basically you simply look for small jobs near you that can be done using a smart phone. An example would be price checking twn items at walmart with pictures for 6 $, or taking pictures of a scenic landmark near you for a popular website for xx $ etc. Jobs are posted daily.

    So the way I look at it is if you use your phone as much as me you earn 25 cents a day... or around 90 usd a year. its growing apparently as they get more advertisers as well.

    A third app I found is called get paid to play. Its similar to many incentive based websited out there, simply mobilized. You get anywhere from ten cents to 5 dollars for a task such as downloading an app.

    So far between the three apps in the last three days I've made an extra 13.75.... ill take it! feedback appreciated:)
    WiredWebWork.com, Aug 20, 2013 IP
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  2. Helge Sverre

    Helge Sverre Notable Member Affiliate Manager

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    Would you mind pasting links to these apps?
    Are they for Android or iOS?
    Helge Sverre, Aug 20, 2013 IP
  3. bluewaveseo

    bluewaveseo Greenhorn

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    always interesting to hear new ideas like this. Do you know of any apps for IOS???
    bluewaveseo, Aug 22, 2013 IP
  4. WiredWebWork.com

    WiredWebWork.com Active Member

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    these apps are for android, and are available in the play store. I'm fairly certain they're also all available for ios as well.
    WiredWebWork.com, Aug 23, 2013 IP