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Selling (an article package at $35) topic : children health

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Dancingbulbs22, Jan 26, 2010.

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    an article package at $35 ,about children health, consist of 10 articles:

    1. Children Health – Exercising for Children
    2. Children Health - Stay healthy without junk food
    3. Children Health - Obesity in Children
    4. Children Health - How to Keep your Children Healthy
    5. Children Health - Types of Brain Development Disorder-Part1
    6. Children Health - Types of Brain Development Disorder-Part2
    7. Children Health - Eating Habit
    8. Children Health - The Immune System
    9. Children Health - First thing to do to prevent stuttering
    10.Children Health - Tips for Dealing with a Stuttering Child

    each article consist of 400 words

    for ordering,, please sent me a PM

    Dancingbulbs22, Jan 26, 2010 IP