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Selling American, Graduate Student, Articles/Product-Reviews/Pillar Articles/

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by wco, Aug 18, 2018.

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    I am an American graduate student living and studying abroad for an MBBS in Shanghai. I have been living abroad for almost three years now, and working online - writing articles, website content, product reviews, and dating profiles for about four years combined.

    I use Grammarly, double-check my work, honor turn-around-time agreements, have references, proof of work, and DO NOT CHARGE UP FRONT. Payment is only requested and received once you review, and approve the quality of my work and are satisfied. I am much more interested in a long-term, lucrative, and mutually profitable relationship rather than being a "one hit wonder" in our industry for both reputation-sake and my own professional development.
    At this time, I'm just looking for a handful of clients at the most, and only part-time work.
    My rates will range between $1.50-$3.00 per 100 words, or up to $5.00 per 100 words for more complex articles/writing/academic works, etc. (APA, MLA, and so forth).

    Please feel free to drop me a PM for specific sample work, offers, or to further communicate via Skype. Thank you for looking, and all the best! William

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    wco, Aug 18, 2018 IP
  2. wco

    wco Well-Known Member

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    My work-samples and references will unequivocally demonstrate quality, precision, and analytical-writing skills.

    My specialty areas are: Product Reviews, Articles/Blogs, About Us pages/TOS Pages, Research Proposals, and Academic Essays.

    Choose a content-creator that doesn’t accept payment up-front, takes pride in his work, and maintains a strengthened, purposeful work ethic at all times. Choosing a professional with such a disciplined demeanor will save you unwanted headaches, failed communication, and missed deadlines.

    In addition to the qualifications and experiences below, please note that I am able to create and upload works into WordPress, including images, as well as specialized keywords, anchors, etc. for a fixed-price.


    The following work-samples are available upon request-only:

    -WordPress work-site samples

    -Completed websites for reference, with LIVE direct links/info to created works

    -Additional previous works in document form – via screenshots.

    I am available via Skype both audio and/or video any time for accent/nationality verification – as well as to discuss projects.

    What’s a traveling, multilingual, sea-worthy content-writer like?
    I am able to fluently speak and understand English, Spanish, and a substantial amount of Russian, some German, and can speak/understand about 40% Tagalog. These language-to-cultural experiences, knowledge, and background increase the likelihood of compatibility with clients ranging throughout international locations. This includes a capacity to fulfill various project types, language requirements, desirability, demands, and more.

    Education/Academic Aspirations – History
    Currently studying for an M.A. in Criminal Justice (90% COMPLETE/THESIS PREPARATION) (transcripts – school-mail verification available). I aspire to achieve a Ph.D Public Administration.

    I love to travel and learn new languages and cultures—you'll notice via my avatar that I currently live in the Philippines. But, with so many people pretending to be from places they're not, and using proxies, what's that worth to you? Let me speak for myself on Skype, or through the quality of work I produce.

    How can work be “Guaranteed”, and what do I do differently?
    I guarantee all of my work. This means that should you not be satisfied with the finished product, (screenshots provided) that you simply do not have to purchase it, and (would hate to see it happen!), but we’d then simply go our separate ways.

    I will never 'fluff' my work, or otherwise plagiarize in any shape or form the content that I create and submit to you. I always triple check my work for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as honor turn-around times. Typically, TAT is between 24-72 hours, dependent upon work-load, project size, and agreed expectations for a single, paired, batch, or continuous project.

    The quality of my work will always remain consistent, and I strongly value long-term clients. I am competent to create works in APA, MLA, Chicago, or Bluebook formatting for various types of projects as-needed.

    How do I go ABOVE AND BEYOND to ensure quality, meaningful, and eloquently worded content is produced in a profitable manner?
    I take each and every writing assignment I complete, and run them through proofreading software to search for anomalies, weak verbs, filler words, nominalizations, and negations per sentence, clustered nouns, unusually short sentences, run-on sentences, rare words, frequent words, bigrams, and trigrams, words per sentence, syllables per word, characters per word, and MORE!

    Trust a content writer that double to triple checks his work, searches for common discrepancies, syntax errors, and mistakes that many content writers might miss, neglect, or not have the commitment, capabilities, or resources available to produce.

    Please PM me with your project request(s), project type, any pertinent details, and we can discuss and agree on an affordable rate to have quality, purposeful, original content produced.

    Thank you for your time and consideration


    William C.

    (PM me for Sample and Request of Sample "Type" or Niche)
    wco, Aug 23, 2018 IP