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Amazon placement methods that work???

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by DinoJRG, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Hi, let me do a quick intro on my niche website before I throw on the questions:
    -fiercely passive and stable high traffic website. I get around 30K top quality UV's for my site but to be honest I could easily tweek this and tweek that and double to triple that any time I want.
    -I have a very strong twitter account. I signed up for twitter when it was only 2 months old so I have a keyword name that is so specific that people just think I'm famous if I do tweet. It pulls followers when I don't touch it. I also have the same for pinterest.

    I've been having a problem converting my traffic into revenue and it's been really making me lazy. I am using adsense only and it just doesn't convert well. It doesn't matter if I have 10K UVs more in a month the increase is just 2% or something stupid like that. I find the value of getting more visitors is so pointless I have not even used facebook once to get traffic.

    I've been thinking about amazon but I'm really not sure what approach to go. What works with amazon?
    -A store beside the site?
    -product links within articles? ( that match the niche of course)
    -banner links?
    -widgets? (which ones)
    Is amazing even worth it, is another question. It would be a shame to load the page up and find out I'm getting $3 in sales a month.

    DinoJRG, Feb 2, 2015 IP