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Amazon Notifier/Watcher - make money with your Amazon Affiliate account

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by bestoptimized, Jan 2, 2009.

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    What I am looking for a site that I can put in ASIN numbers and then receive notifications whenever someone adds a listing to that ASIN. I need it to be able to keep notifying me each and every time someone adds another listing to that ASIN. I am basically looking for items that match certain condition variables (but I don't need or want the service to do any matching like that, just notify me whenever someone adds another listing). I haven't been able to find any service like this.

    Here's how you can make money on this:
    Make something like this and I will use it (maybe others would too).
    Include your affiliate code in the links so that whenever someone buys something you make money.
    I have bought items as high as $600 twice and many cheaper items - whenever I buy any items I will buy through your links if you make such a service.

    If you are interested let me know.
    bestoptimized, Jan 2, 2009 IP
  2. photoads

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    photoads, Jan 10, 2009 IP
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    cxy007, Jan 11, 2009 IP