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Selling Amazing Cryptocurrency webapp offering Fast & Live updates using WebSockets

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Jobsnof, Feb 2, 2018.

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    What is included in the sale?
    • Code & Design
    • Web app deployment/configuration
    • 30 days Free Technical Support
    What is required to keep the business operational?

    This site was designed to be as light and as fast loading as possible.so it just needs a good webhost and you are ready to go.i can recommend and help set up on the new host if you need me to.
    Why are you selling the business?

    i Just started another project and while this was going to be my focus for a couple of months, i see i will not have time to grow this awesome site to its potential

    How does the business generate revenue?

    This has multiple ways of generating cash.

    1. Ads on the pages. - you can put web banners on pages of the site. (easy to set up- you can use adsense or any other network you want)

    2. faucet list integration - faucet websites have a referral program that allows you earn cryptocurrency for every person who you send to their website . This is very lucrative since peopleare buying bitcoins all the time.See screenshot of what earnings may look like below.

    3. Donations - people love to support helpful and imporessive sites and this one is prime for that. we have included a donate buttonfor easy donations.

    4.localbitcoins.com refferal partner - become a refferal partner with one of the worlds largest bitcoin networks and get rewarded.

    Advantages of using cryptoexpert.ga

    Using the service of displaying online crypto online in real time on our website has earned positive feedback from miners, traders and investors for several reasons

    • Instant display of changes in quotes;
    • Update several times per second;
    • Maximum coverage of cryptographic currencies;
    • Flexible sorting capabilities;
    • Graphic display of course adjustments with dates;
    What are other features of cryptoexpert.ga ?

    • Beautiful design
    • Localbitcoins Affiliate Integration
    • Faucethub Referrals
    • Live data using WebSockets
    • Instant Search & Filtering/Sorting
    • Historical Price Charts
    • Live Trade Feeds
    • Bitcoin Donations
    • JSON Cache
    Single Coin Pages

    Each Cryptocurrency has an inner page with market information, historical price charts and a live trade/update feed powered by WebSockets.

    No Database or Cron Jobs

    This script is as lightweight as possible, utilising a JSON caching system to ensure your website remains fast without the need for a database or cronjobs.

    Why you should buy it?

    • Fully automated, Zero maintenance required
    • Revenue potential (via Ads and referals subscription)
    • Perfect web app for passive income generation source

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    Jobsnof, Feb 2, 2018 IP
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