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AliExpress analytics - alipic.net

Discussion in 'Websites' started by dlinchevskiy, Jun 20, 2018.


Is this site usefull ?

  1. Yes

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  3. I dont know

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    Hello, i'm doing new analytical startup for AliExress - alipic.net.
    Would like to get your feedbacks and suggestions.

    Features that already implemented:
    1. Top 1000 sellers at aliexpress.
    Allow to see top list of sellers sorted by followers, items at store, store age, etc.
    Link - http://alipic.net/?param=top-company
    2. Grabber of photos from user comments.
    Very convenient tool to see all photos at one page.
    Link - alipic.net/?param=woman-cat

    3. Top 100 sold items by countries.
    You may check most popular items with biggest discounts.
    Link - http://alipic.net/?param=top-country
    dlinchevskiy, Jun 20, 2018 IP