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Aggregators using iframes

Discussion in 'Payment Processing' started by dEvlInk, Oct 12, 2021 at 4:41 PM.

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    Hello Everyone,
    Having finished an enterprise web application, several payment gateways have been studied and tested with very similar results. Although iframes are promoted by various credit card aggregators and there are many write-ups and videos on this technology, when the tested code is run on a live server they don't function. A tech for one of the aggregators (won't mention names here, but you all know the company) said that we just needed to get rid of the iframe and the gateway would work perfectly. Pointing out that the iframe belonged to them and was pulled in via their library prompted no advice as to how this is actually supposed to work.

    It seems that although all the clients (websites) of these aggregators are paying a hefty price for the service provided, these companies want to force us to allow our customers be redirected to the aggregator's site where our customers' information can be hoovered up. Firstly this means that, for this project, the data entered by the customer (not related to their CC) must be inserted into the database before a charge is attempted or the data will be lost when the customer is redirected to the aggregator's site. This is completely unacceptable. Secondly, the main attraction to iframe technology is security - in some cases the aggregator doesn't even touch the sensitive data input by the customer, it goes straight to the credit card company - and the customers' sensitive information isn't held by the website either. Providing a safe and secure means of doing business is a large part of the ethos for this project, it's one of the features of this startup.

    Are there any aggregators that do NOT redirect customers to their site and molest them? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
    dEvlInk, Oct 12, 2021 at 4:41 PM IP