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Age of a website increases its value? What if it is an old domain, but has only recent webcontent?

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by entry, Oct 24, 2017.

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    The value of a domain (no content) increases as the domain gets older by years.
    ie, a domain to be sold, which was registered in 2003 (14 years old), would sell for a higher price than if it was registered in 2013 (just 4 years old).

    So the exact same domain which is 14 years old will hold a higher value than if it was only registered for 4 years.


    If a domain was registered 10 years ago, but had No hosting on, and no content on, but within the past 3 months then had its first hosting, and first content (good SEO articles, unique content etc)

    then does the value consider the fact that it is 10 years old? (or as the content is only 3 months old, then the website value will Not really consider the past 10 years of the solo domain / which had NO content on.
    in other words, is the 'solo' age of the domain a valuable factor, regardless of if content was placed on that website or not within them 10 years?
    entry, Oct 24, 2017 IP
  2. Kris Waters

    Kris Waters Member

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    This is a very good question and i will be looking for this answer as well
    and posting back.
    I have a domain that's close to 10 yrs old and all i ever used it for
    was with a wordpress plugin to send emails. I looked up its value
    on with of these valuation sites the other day and said it was worth
    close to $5k!
    That's with no content or anything.. so makes me wonder now if i
    took that domain and start slapping some sweet content on their
    daily, what would then happen to the value?
    Kris Waters, Oct 26, 2017 IP
  3. hiphopafrica

    hiphopafrica Peon

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    yes, i believe so, when i purchased my domain, hiphopafrica.co", i purchased .co tld, then .com was available but it was less than 1k$, but after some months, i thought of acquiring hiphopafrica.com, going back it was 1k$+, so i hesitated. Domain age affects value and i feel it affects google rank too.
    hiphopafrica, Jan 3, 2018 IP