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Afternic Appraisals

Discussion in 'Appraisals' started by Freebies, Apr 24, 2005.

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    I own these two domains and each have been appraised by afternic MoneyLenderz.com Appraisal for MoneyLenderz.com and LoanAsk.com Appraisal for LoanAsk.com

    As you can see these sites have been appraised for

    Domain Name Appraisal Summary
    Domain Name: moneylenderz.com
    CMV: $ 1,400.00
    PMV: $ 8,300.00


    Domain Name Appraisal Summary

    Domain Name: loanask.com
    CMV: $ 350.00
    PMV: $ 1,200.00

    My question is how accurate are the Afternic appraisals and perhaps more importantly how useful might they be in negotiations?

    I have been contacted by by a company regarding MoneyLenderz.
    Freebies, Apr 24, 2005 IP
  2. DomainLoot

    DomainLoot Guest

    Best Answers:
    The only appraisal that counts (IMO) is that of the potential buyer.

    I don't think appraisals hurt negotiations, but they probably won't help a great deal

    Think about it >

    You find a domain you like and you immediately start trying to place a value on it. Maybe you come up with $300 and then you contact the owner of said domain to inquire. The owner says I want $2,200 for it and it's been appraised at $3,500. How realistic is it that "all of a sudden" you're going to say "oh in that case, I am now willing to pay somewhere in the +/- $2,000 range." NOT LIKELY.

    It's all supply and demand.

    I've seen many names "appraised" over the years on popular domain name forums by very informative "domainers" that are sold shortly after for "pennies on the appraisal dollar." > NICE NAME > NO DEMAND

    Those who are willing to wait and wait and wait and wait to find the right end user might do a little better and appraisals "may help," but I doubt it.

    Both of the appraisals you received look a little high to me... that shouldn't come as a huge surprise though - if appraisers appraise on the "high side," you are more likely to go back for more, if they appraise LOW, you are more inclined to say "that's bullsh*t, their appraisals suck - I'm not asking (PAYING!) them for anymore appraisals.

    Good luck with your domains/sale(s).

    DomainLoot, Apr 24, 2005 IP
  3. Blogmaster

    Blogmaster Blood Type Dating Affiliate Manager

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    I have spent 2.6k for RealEstateForum.com 4 months ago and the reactions I have gotten were anything from "you are insane" to "what a great deal!".
    Bottom line, I wanted THAT name and was willing to pay it.
    Same way there are companies out there who would love to have your names.
    Feel them out, be patient, see how much they are willing to give you.
    Blogmaster, Apr 24, 2005 IP
  4. Shoemoney

    Shoemoney $

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    I agree.

    There are 3 dementions.

    1) What you think its worth.

    2) What its really worth.

    3) What someone will pay.

    Finding out the 2nd is what makes the 1st and 3rd so much fun =)
    Shoemoney, Apr 28, 2005 IP
  5. Dio

    Dio Well-Known Member

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    Seriously - would you lend money off a company called moneylenderz?

    If you don't keep up the paymentz they sendz in the boyz to take your warez ;)
    Dio, Apr 28, 2005 IP
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  6. GTech

    GTech Rob Jones for President!

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    A domain is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Finding that right *someone* is the challenge.

    I've made some good sales on Afternic. I've bought two proposals, because they are required to make them featured. I never sold any domains via an appraisal or through their featured listings.

    I just put em there and forget about em. Someday out of the blue, someone will decide they want/need it, and buy it.

    I had one sit on Afternic for two+ years before it sold.
    GTech, Apr 28, 2005 IP