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After a tender script...

Discussion in 'Programming' started by ozegreatdeals, Sep 14, 2005.

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    I had an idea for a site where users put in what they want.. I will use the example a Car. They tell the site what make, model, features, etc. And maybe price range.. Then when they submit this information the site either sends an email to the business's and they have a chance to reply with their tender Or sends an email notifying the business's that there is a new tender available and they logon to the site to view it and reply with their offer.

    I was thinking it would be great if it was all web-based and just sent emails when new tenders were made or requested. Like a support ticked system.

    Does anyone know of such a script or prices on getting one made?
    ozegreatdeals, Sep 14, 2005 IP
  2. iTISTIC

    iTISTIC Peon

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    I don't know of any pre-existing scripts, but I definitely can develop on to your specs. PM me if you're interested.
    iTISTIC, Sep 14, 2005 IP