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Selling Affordable Blog Writing + Posting Service - $3/500 words

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by shumail, Jan 22, 2014.



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    Bloggers, It’s Time to Maximize Your Revenue Through Highly-Engaging Content
    Looking for finest blog content? Struggling to make the most of your affiliate sites due to lack of unique reviews? Seeking premium-quality content at affordable prices? Fear not friend because your search is over…. I am here to deliver superior quality content along with a unique service that includes direct posting to your WordPress account so that you don’t have to lift even a finger at all!
    See What Makes My Content Ideal for Your Blog:
    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Accurate, Authentic & Attractive
    • Informative & Easily Digestible
    • 100 % Unique and CopyScape Passed

    1-Blog post writing with direct posting to wordpress:
    1 blog post (500 words) - $3.5

    2-Only Blog post writing:
    1 blog post (500 words) - $3

    Information Required:
    • Keywords
    • Titles
    • Instructions
    • Wordpress username and password(for writing +posting)
    Payment Terms:
    50% upfront via paypal
    shumail, Jan 22, 2014 IP
  2. shumail

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    Sample 1(Niche: Health and fitness)

    Ensuring a Smooth Delivery with 8 Easy Yoga Exercises

    Those who have done yoga at least once know what a peaceful state of mind and body it brings. To some it is an addiction… a form of cure to all kinds of tension, to release what is holding us back, and to relieve every ache that the body and soul experiences; seen or unseen. It is that exercise which engages you into looking within yourself and releasing all your stress in one go, all this without feeling the after cramps as with other exercises.
    World’s top doctors encourage pregnant patients to take up yoga to relieve mental, physical and spiritual disturbances. Some of the most popular conditions that are resolved through yoga are mood swings, fatigue and nausea, leg aches and shallow breathing. Women who have never experienced yoga or any other exercise can easily take it up without any painful after effects. You would feel the difference after the very first session.
    If you’re an expecting mother, your yoga routine is designed bearing your body’s hormonal changes in mind, so that the mother and child achieve inner peace throughout their 9 months together and in their post-delivery lives. Pre-natal Yoga Expert Vicky Ramirez explains “The mother and child experience three different sets of yoga routines in the three trimesters of pregnancy. Most of my clients lead stressful lives but with an effective yoga routine they achieve a sense of calm within themselves and their child”.
    With that in mind let’s look at the 8 best yoga positions which give mothers the confidence to head to the labor room happily:
    The Vakrasana requires you to sit erect with your feet stretched out. Begin with a deep breath and raise your arms to your shoulder level palms parallel to the ground. Exhale slowly while you twist your body from waist up towards your right shifting your upper body towards the right with your hand on the floor, to maintain balance. Swing your upper body to your far right as much as possible. Come back to the initial position and repeat on the other side. This helps your spine, legs, hands and neck in maintaining flexibility and allows a gentle massage to your abdominal organs.
    The Utkatasana requires you to stand straight with feet apart balancing your body’s weight. You inhale for 2 seconds and raise your heels and arms at shoulder level, palms parallel to the floor. Exhale slowly keeping your feet flat on the mat. Repeat the exercise. This strengthens the thigh and pelvic muscles so that they can tolerate the labor.
    The Konasana requires you to stand tall with feet 24 inches apart. Take a deep breath and raise your right hand up keeping the elbow straight to stretch your arm upwards. Bend to the left and exhale as you bring your hand down. Repeat with the left arm. This enables flexibility of your waist.
    The Paryankasana requires you to lay down on your back straight with your knees together. Begin by folding your right knee at the side of your posterior and inhale. Hold this position and release to straighten legs and exhale. Repeat with the left knee. The woman’s abdominal, pelvic and thigh muscles will be toned and ready for the big day.
    The Hast Panangustasana is done by lying down on your back with your arms in T position, palms facing down. Begin with spreading the right leg to your right and bring back to the normal position. Repeat with the left leg. This will prepare your pelvic and thigh muscles for a smooth delivery.
    The Bhadrasana is done by sitting with legs stretched out but keep your heels on the floor. Bring the heels together to form a Namaste with the feet with your hands on your knees. This enables your body to minimize cramps at the time of delivery and strengthens your pelvic and thigh muscles.
    The Parvatasana is done by sitting straight with legs crossed. Inhale and raise your arms to upwards to form a Namaste. Maintain straight elbows and exhale. Repeat 2-3 times for improved body posture, and relief in back pain.
    The Yastikasana requires you to lay down on your back with straightened legs. Inhale and raise your hands upwards pushing your toes up simultaneously. Exhale and come back down. Repeat 2-3 times for relieving body tension.
    Do get in touch with a pre-natal expert who can help you carry out these positions to your best potential. Some of these positions may be done on selected trimesters of pregnancy therefore you must consult with your pre-natal yoga training expert.
    Women who have practiced yoga for 2 hours a week have reported to not only have relieved their pregnancy problems but also to have noticed an easier labor and smoother delivery. Yoga has therefore been taken up by more women than men as it eases their inner tension, and they are better able to train their mind to make informed decisions, even at work!


    Sample 2(Niche: Interior decor)

    Christmas Decoration Ideas

    Christmas Tree
    You will need a lot of things to decorate the Christmas tree and make it the iconic decoration of the Christmas season that it deserves to be. However, you first need to select a proper Christmas tree. Choose a shape, size and texture that suits the space it is supposed to occupy. A large tree would work well for your living room, but in case you are planning to make a centerpiece out of it, getting a small 2 feet one would serve as the best bet. In case you are going for the large one, make sure that you have the measurements of the ceiling. Choose a tree that is at least one foot shorter than the ceiling height. Also, it's best to measure the opening of your tree stand and make sure the base of your chosen tree fits into it perfectly.

    Once this is done, decide on the type of ornaments and decorations you wish to put on the tree. Once all things are planned out, begin by putting the tree on the stand and arranging lights on it. Apart from the string lights on the outside, try putting some lights around the inner branches and around the trunk of the tree. This will give it a more glowing look. Finally, hang your chosen ornaments in your own personalized style on the tree. You can also add some tinsels as per your taste.


    Sample 1(Niche: Fashion)

    WOMEN JEANS 2011
    Jeans are the most popular piece of garment ever. No wardrobe is complete without a hot pair of jeans. It is a bare necessity for every season be it summer, winter, spring or fall! Jeans is like a MUST HAVE for every woman. It can be worn almost anywhere, whether you’re going for work, a picnic, a casual hangout, a formal party or just heading out for shopping. It can be said that it is the best thing for a fashion rescue! Pair it up with trendy tops and there you are, all set to head out!
    Year 2011 brings to you a treat of some of the hottest lines of jeans from various brand, that I’m pretty sure you would go head over heels crazy for! There are many types of jeans that are a hit this year and skinny jeans beats the rest and tops the list of all! Skinny jeans are very chic and look quite voguish when paired up with tops that are loose and have flares. They are usually made of cotton material and are an ideal choice for winter season, however they can be worn in summer time as well and look equally chic.
    High waist jeans are another in thing this year, they are all over the ramps in Europe! They are extremely feminine and look very voguish. I would recommend you to get one of high waist jeans for your wardrobe and get a boho flare to your look! Gamma colors like dark blue, dark grey or light grey are on fire!
    Washed jeans are also a hit this year; they are ever so comfortable and look extremely stylish! For a more feminine look, you go for the ones that are decorated with light embroidery on the top or accessorize it with trendy belts of leather or chains.
    Leather jeans, are red hot this year! Skinny ones in particular look very hot! They can be worn on informal or semis formal occasions and add an air of elegance to your style. Color like black, dark grey or any shade like chocolate brown is a la mode! Leather jeans can be both low waist and high waist it looks stylish anyway.
    The ones who prefer loose jeans, boot cut jeans are a must have for your wardrobe, they are very comfortable and at the same time stylish as well. So go ahead and get your hands on the hottest one and be the first one show off yourself with the new lines of jeans this year! Good luck!
    shumail, Jan 29, 2014 IP