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Affiliate websites: nature and relation to search engines Google?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by JohnConnor, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Internet stores and other online resources create similar websites allowing to attract more users and attain effective results.

    However, the placement of several websites linked to one business on the marketplace led to a problem – search engines recognize them as affiliates. Let us figure out the notion of an affiliate website and ways of avoiding an affiliate filter.

    What are affiliates?
    Search engines recognize affiliates as websites of one business that copy the content of each other. These resources generally offer the same goods and services as well as are similar in topics. They respond to the identic queries.

    Search engines prevent website affiliates from responding to queries. Thus, affiliates appear lower in search results and a website holder loses users.


    Why are affiliates hunted for?
    Affiliates do not provide users with new information and monopolize top queries. That is why search engines fight against such resources and launch filtrating algorithms.

    Therefore, affiliate filters are the principal means of combatting several websites of one company in search results.

    How are affiliates detected?
    Special algorithms analyze several aspects to recognize affiliates and limit their presence in search results.
    Search systems analyze:
    • IP addresses and whois;
    • surnames of holders;
    • contacts;
    • names and logos of organizations;
    • products and services;
    • offers description;
    • topics and structure of a resource;
    • text content and design.
    In case several of the abovementioned criteria are the same on two different websites, they are defined as an affiliate, and their position in search results goes down considerably.

    How to avoid affiliating and make a website lucrative?
    If a company intends to create several websites, its holder needs to maximally diversify the content in order to successfully promote them.
    What do you need to do when creating an additional website?

      • title domains in different juridical persons;
      • provide different phone numbers, addresses, and information about a holder;
      • use different domain names and logos;
      • change website architecture;
      • provide a diversified assortment of products and prices;
      • publish unique content.
    In order to avoid information duplication on two websites and save relevant data, it’s important to find out how to sale content.

    When placing the company’s address, point out an HQ or a legal office on one website and a representative office or an office physical location on another one.

    Online stores may create websites for different target audiences or use various business models.

    For prices, you can create a sales catalog since it doesn’t copy corporate website’s architecture. Besides, pages with items of an online store do not occupy much space.
    One company may attract new attendees and boost sales by creating several websites. To gain profit, apply different approaches to both resources and post unique content. Professional website promotion would allow to obtain upper positions in search results.
    JohnConnor, Oct 23, 2018 IP
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    Thanks. It's a very popular topic now.
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