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Affiliate software suggestions

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by blogspot, Jan 26, 2016.

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    I am looking at setting up an affiliate program.
    Can anyone recommend the best solution to test this out? One of the features is that I might not be able to install the software on the main domain. So the traffic would come from the affiliate, to middle domain, then to the destination site.

    1. I need to be able to track the ones that fill in the contact form and become leads, offering cost per lead and cost per sale.

      I also need to retain the link juice from the affiliate link.
    blogspot, Jan 26, 2016 IP
  2. tanya_ac

    tanya_ac Peon

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    Hi blogspot,
    I am really glad you asked this question. I wanted to recommend to you a complete affiliate software solution, that supports advanced affiliate management, invoicing, reporting, bonus programs, targeting, traffic optimization, and everything else you need to be successful in affiliate marketing! Affiliate Software by AdCumulus is a cloud-based solution for affiliate programs and networks.

    I see you are interested in payout models. Well, good news! Affiliate Software enables you to tailor conversion tracking models and payout amounts according to your business needs. You can pay affiliates per thousand of impressions, per click, per action, share your revenue, or combine cost per action with revenue share. No matter which of these measures you use, you can always set custom payouts for specific affiliates or tracked events. Additionally, Affiliate Software has an innovative conversion tracking method for tracking events from services with recurring payment. It allows you to differentiate first-time conversions (e.g. service subscription or the first-time purchase) from all further actions (e.g. a renewal for recurring services).

    The unique feature of Affiliate Software is an advanced ad server for mobile and web. Its smart optimization mechanism ensures that you buy only usable traffic and redirect it to the best-performing offers.

    Want to find out more? Contact me and let's arrange a call!
    tanya_ac, Feb 10, 2016 IP
  3. planck

    planck Active Member

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    What kind of affiliate program do you intend to run; in-house or outsourced?

    I off course recommend outsourcing your affiliate management. If you run an in-house affiliate program, you’ll have to build your reputation from the ground up. Building trust from zero is a rather long, exhaustive process with no guarantee of success.

    The best affiliate platforms in the industry are clickbank.com, paykickstart.com and click2sell.eu.

    Presently, I am using paykickstart.com for all my products. I believe paykickstart.com is well on its way to become the leader in the affiliate marketing sphere. They have one drawback though; vendors are required to pay $100 per month.

    I am NOT promoting anything. Just providing the kind of info, I wish someone gave men, when I started. No affiliate links have been posted.

    For more information visit thedutchmarketers.com.

    planck, Jan 16, 2018 IP