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Affiliate Programs for eMagazines

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by degreubiwa, Feb 1, 2019.

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    I have been writing 10-15 Articles long eMagazine about Indian politics and getting downloads with a web 2.0 blog where I copy-paste News from popular Indian news websites and did few backlinks with blog commenting.
    Now I want some products to promote on my eMagazine and I would prefer Affiliate Marketing that offers banners or Coupons or simply some products promotions that pays to put their ads in my eMagazine released in PDF format. Are there any such companies out there that offers solutions for publishers of eMagazines?
    degreubiwa, Feb 1, 2019 IP
  2. Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson Peon

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    Even though i've been doing affiliate marketing for a while i am not able to answer your question or give you some value, but i would recommend you an ebook to read (FREE) about affiliate marketing. It really goes deep in every aspect of affiliate marketing so i am sure you can learn something from it.
    Download: http://corneey.com/wMXfOp
    Anthony Johnson, May 14, 2019 IP